About Us

Supra Bearings is  one of the most trusted brands in the global bearing business. Having been in the business for over a decade, Supra bearings has both the experience and the expertise which coupled with its adherence to stringent quality norms and standards makes Supra a formidable market force within the Bearings industry.

Over the years, by turning its intellectual assets to value, through innovation and continuous growth, Supra Bearings has been able to successfully deliver more than a 1000bearings catering to various industries. The bearings delivered, range from 25mm to 250 mm (bore) and 50mm to 400mm (outer dimensions), and cater to industries as varied as Automotive, OEM, Defence, Industrial etc.

A singular proof of Supra’s commitment to its clients is seen in its innovative product development of Hub Units. These Specialized compact bearing units are an evidence of a very dedicated R&D team committed to delivering only the best in class quality.

This continuing story of growth is grounded in Supra’s commitment to its customers, both big and small, and their evolving needs. Its dedication is mirrored in their wide range of products, each of which was born out of a unique need of a client with a specific demand. And having delivered successful such the client keeps coming back is a proof of Supra Bearings delivering as it promises – With Precision, With Care. With Courtesy