The Process

Manufacturing of Bearings is a process pivoted around methodical research and design capabilities, a state of the art manufacturing technology and latest testing apparatus; these are at the heart of the Manufacturing Process that we follow at Supra Bearings. This ensures higher operational efficiency by maximizing productivity and minimizing waste at every step.

Bearings are custom-designed to meet the mechanical and performance needs of a particular usage and vehicle type. The process of bearings manufacturing starts from selection of the right raw material and goes through an exhaustive multi-stage operation to finally achieve the best in class quality finished product. It is of utmost importance in this process to maintain a quality standard at every stage, to achieve great quality, reduce wastage, increase the efficiency of resources.

While certain processes are to achieve the right shape and size of the product, like forging, turning and grinding, other operations including heat treatment and annealing enhance the quality of the material by tempering and hardening the metal. Tertiary processes including assembly, washing, oiling etc. ensure smooth functioning of the finished goods.

Every step of this process requires precision and vigilance. Only a team of engineers and technicians oriented to such rigorous process norms can deliver a smooth experience that Supra promises to deliver, with Precision, Care and Courtesy.